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With Sunday dinner deep into the digestion phase, Americans sat and watched, once again, the perfect disaster that is Donald Trump’s attempt to convince the electorate he is prepared to lead the world’s largest economy, military and most diverse population. Regardless of who tries to spin the performance of the debate, one thing was clear: Mr. Trump is not only unsuited for the highest office of central government of the United States, but he also represents a demographic that is antiquated and fighting for relevance. There is no policy to critique, for none was discussed, there are no ideas to debunk for none were presented, therefore, we are left to discuss the nightmare that was last night’s debate.

Donald Trump, who hobbled into the debate dealing with the scandal surrounding lewd comments he was recorded making in 2005, seemed physically bothered for being questioned about his behavior. It is important that we speak to the phenomenon that is Mr. Trump’s attitude. This attitude isn’t his alone (which is why he is the nominee of a major party).

Trump’s attitude is that of the white the baby boomer generation. It is a refusal to realize that they [white baby boomers] no longer are the most dominate voice in American politics. After all this is the first election in almost four decades when they [baby boomers] will not be the majority of those to cast votes. This isn’t a small factor for it is a simple fact that baby boomers were seventy-one percent white, whereas, forty-four percent of millennials are of races other than white. This shift has given space to Trumps candidacy, but as was displayed last evening, there are no policies or plans—other than to be white and rich—that holds this campaign scheme together.

The “town hall” revealed the stark differences between the two candidates with even more clarity than the first debate. Donald’s refusal to sit, and his unchartered walking coupled with his predatory lurking over HRC will surely be the fodder of many news cycles. He—at times—pouted about HRC’s friends or the moderators ganging up on him, a tactic that only highlighted his lack of legitimate policies and reminded folk of his billionaire-boyish ways. His response to seemly every question was “more, most, me, my, best, biggest, worst” and not followed with anything resembling substance. Last night’s moderators, on more than one occasion, begged Trump for answers to questions, yet he refused to do anything other than brag about his ability to avoid paying taxes and his great financial books.

As a student of politics, I am obligated to say that last night we witnessed the greatest debacle in the modern campaign era. Lies backed by lies and a dismal arrogance that showed why in this country you can have nothing to offer in the way of ideas and still be considered for president, as long as you are white. Let me offer you some advice: if you are watching, listening or reading any form of news and you are being feed polls showing this race is close, please disconnect, turn down, or put down said news format.

This election is not close because there is no pathway to victory for Donald Trump, and if you are not being told that then you are being marketed. When pollsters call majority white voters—probably of the baby boomer age and older—in greater numbers than they do millennials and Gen X’ers then they are being unscrupulous and irresponsible. This isn’t to imply that millennials will vote at the same rate as baby boomers and those older, it is to imply that the sheer number of millennials and Gen X’ers makes it impossible for the older generations to be the deciding factor in this election. Let me say it with greater clarity: even if baby boomers and older voters turn out at 70 percent that number would be toppled if only 55 percent of the younger generations go to the polls.

This was the true battle of last night. No one in that auditorium was undecided as was obvious by the cheering when certain statements were made by the candidates. Let us be clear: last night was not about debating HRC. For Donald Trump it was about doing something that is impossible for him…looking presidential, soothing the fears of many Americans, and presenting real policies.

After Sunday dinner last night many of us were sickened—to our stomachs—not by food, but by the current state of politics in this country. Maybe this is what a national party imploding looks like. My only question then is: what does it benefit any of us to only have one functional political party in this country?

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