Concern Grows in Search for Missing Arkansas Man

Authorities in Ouachita County are searching for a 38-year-old man from Bearden who has been missing for about 10 days. Family and friends are becoming increasingly concerned about D’Wayne Lambert.

“He’s left before and has been gone, but the thing that has everybody concerned is that D’Wayne is a Facebook fanatic. He will check his Facebook page even if he doesn’t make a status. And if he had checked by now he would see that everyone is looking for him,” says Lambert’s mother, Zina Lambert. “Even if he had to borrow someone’s phone, he would check Facebook.”

The last person to see Lambert was his aunt, Susie. According to family, Lambert seemed worried and paranoid. “He was telling her people were after him, and he was trying to get away from people,” says Lambert’s mother. “If she hadn’t seen him like that, I wouldn’t think that much of it.”

Bearden, Arkansas is a close-knit town of less than a thousand residents. Word of Lambert’s disappearance spread quickly by word-of-mouth and social media. A flyer with his photograph and details flooded Facebook newsfeeds.

Longtime friend, 43-year-old, Andre Jackson, organized a search after speaking with Lambert’s family. “We started around 9 o’clock this morning and stopped by Harry Clemons, Jr.’s. He got on his four-wheeler,” Jackson says. “We went out to the gravel pit. Then, we went to the other side and checked all the houses and a couple of old trailers, and we went in those and didn’t see anything. And, we checked the woods in that area, too, and didn’t see anything.”

With each passing day, Jackson and Lambert’s family are becoming more concerned. Jackson explains, “After I found out about it, at first, I thought he was just somewhere hanging out. But, when I didn’t hear from him for a while, I figured something was wrong.”

Jackson and a small group of volunteers searched for a few hours. As they finished, the sheriff’s department started scouring the woods. Their search will continue tomorrow and will most likely include dogs.

Lambert’s mother hopes her son went fishing and will be found hanging around the land where the pond is located. She points to a recent job loss as a cause for his depression and possible renewed use of crystal methamphetamine.

But, whatever the reasons are for his disappearance, Lambert’s mom wants him to know, “We love you. We want you to call us…come home. No matter what it is. We want you safe and at home. Right now, we don’t care about the drugs…we know God can fix it and make it better.”

If you have any information about D’Wayne Lambert’s whereabouts, you are asked to call: 870-687-1417 or 870-885-0509 or please call the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department.


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