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Hill Harper’s Four Ways to Wealth

Hill Harper’s Four Ways to Wealth

Thousands of college students participated in a live web event sponsored by  Chapman University to hear actor Hill Harper speak about his new book, “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money In Its Place.” The award-winning actor and bestselling author says he wrote the book to help young adults change the way they view money.

Harper posed the question: what is wealth? He explained that he believed most people lack wealth because they lack energy. Harper, who graduated magna cum laude from Brown University, outlined four ways to accumulate wealth:

1. Avoid fear by having a blueprint for life.

2. Know the resources you need to build a solid foundation in life.

3. Construct a framework for building your foundation.

4. Open doors by meeting new people and challenging yourself.

Hill Harper also earned two graduate degrees from Harvard University. He stars as Dr. Sheldon Hawks in the hit CBS drama CSI: NY.

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